Three Simple Tips to Reduce Your Drinking

Looking to cut down on your drinking, but not completely stop? Try these three simple tools to reduce. 

  1. Alternate to Moderate 

Feel better with a drink in hand? Cut your alcohol intake in half by alternating your alcoholic beverages with water or another non-alcoholic drink. To prevent the urge to order another round as soon as the glass is empty, order the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages at the same time. “I’d like one beer and one water, please!”. Drinking water in between alcoholic beverages will leave you more hydrated and more aware as the night goes on. 

  1. Measure to Minimize 

Did you know that a standard drink is .6 ounces of alcohol? Typical at-home cocktails often contain 2-4 of these standard drinks. Buying a .5 or 1 ounce measuring cup and using it to make your cocktail will help you monitor your intake and avoid over-pouring. Try adding one less ounce and see how it changes the taste- you may not even notice a difference! 

  1. Trick to Taper

We’re pretty smart. Sometimes we can even fool ourselves! If you like a drink or two with dinner, try using a smaller glass. This not only leads to less alcohol per serving, but also means that drinking more requires getting up and pouring another glass. For an extra trick, try putting your alcohol away after you pour your first glass to create another barrier between you and the booze. 

Why Cut Down?

There are plenty reasons to reduce your alcohol intake. While you may not feel the need to completely cut alcohol out, you may want to cut down. Alcohol can have serious health effects when used consistently and/or in large quantities. Additionally, drinking can lead to weight gain and reduce immune system functioning. Some people like to moderate their drinking to make sure they stay in control and can think clearly while out. Whatever your reason, there are tools to make cutting down easier. 

Want Some Extra Support?

Eunoia Mental Health was founded in 2020 and specializes in helping people control and cut down on their substance use. Eunoia is based in non-judgement and personalized care. 

To learn more or schedule a free phone consultation, click here

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