Celebrating Pride: Five Creators to Follow

Filling your social media feed with positivity and diversity can have a huge positive impact on your mental heath. Queer content creators educate, advocate, and spread the love. To celebrate pride month this June, follow these LGBTQIA+ accounts!

Ericka Hart, M.Ed. She/They

Ericka is a sex educator who teaches sex positivity and education from an intersectional lens. Ericka’s account features posts ranging from activism to self-acceptance.

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Dr. Sarah Hye Lim Moon She/her

Dr. Moon is a queer Korean Psychologist who joined Instagram after noticing a lack of queer Asian representation. Follow Dr. Moon for informational posts on mental health tips, abolition, and coming out to Asian parents.

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Dylan Kapit They/Them

Dylan is a queer Special Educator who advocates for equality among disability status, gender identity, and sexuality. Follow their account for affirmation and education.

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Steph Frosch She/her

Steph is a lesbian content creator and PhD student. Follow Steph for videos and posts that present social justice issues in an educational and often humorous way.

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Casey Tanner, MA, LCPC They/she

Casey is a sex therapist and educator that specializes in queer sex. Follow QueerSexTherapy for posts on navigating sexual pleasure and health from a queer perspective. 

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