How to Stay Motivated

The first step to getting motivated is setting clear, attainable goals (start here for that!). Once you get going you have to keep going!. Follow these tips to stay motivated throughout your journey. 

  1. Check-in with yourself 

Set a clear timeline for your goal, including check-ins to measure progress. Ask yourself at these time points what is going well and what needs to be adjusted in your plan. Check-in with your emotions, too. Are you feeling bored? Burnt out? Discouraged? Tweak your plan to build in more exciting tasks, take a break if you need it, or seek additional support. 

  1. Reward your hard work

A reward? Before the task is done? Yes! Simple rewards along the way for making progress or getting past a slump will encourage you to keep going. Take a relaxing trip, treat yourself to dinner, or buy that bag you’ve been looking at online! Whatever the reward, the most important part is to make sure you understand the reason for it- your hard work. 

  1. Share your dreams

There are many ways that sharing your goals with others can help you. Sometimes, just saying your goals out loud to someone else makes them more real. Anticipating others checking in on you about your project can motivate you to have an update for them. Additionally, trusted friends or family can support you through tough times of setbacks or disappointments. Sharing your successes with others makes them all the more impactful. 

Looking to Get Motivated?

Therapy can help you set clear goals and reach them. Eunoia Mental Health helps people reach their potential by providing long-lasting coping skills and non-judgemental support. Learn more or schedule a free phone consultation today!

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