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Eunoia Mental Health works with a wide variety of clients who are looking to improve their lives. Whether you’re looking to better cope with anxiety and stress, cut down on substance use, or live a more productive life, we can help!

Are We a Good Fit?

Areas of Care:

– Anxiety, stress
– Depression, low mood
– Alcohol use, drug use
– Self-image, self-confidence, body image
– Chronic pain, coping with illness
– Eating issues, anti-dieting
– Self-harm, suicidal ideation
– Gender affirmation
– Insomnia, sleep issues
– Career development, professional goal-setting
– Coping skills, life transition, adjustment

Identities Served:

– 18+
– Individuals
– LGBTQ+ community
– Health at any size
– Gender-based violence survivors
– Veterans

Eunoia Mental Health is proud to serve a diverse group of people and is accepting of those from all religions, races, sexual preferences, gender identities, and abilities.

Meet The Team

Brooke Houser, LMSW-C
Owner & Therapist (She/Hers)

As a social worker and mental health advocate, I am passionate about making sure people get the care they need and deserve. I’ve worked in a variety of settings, all of which have focused on mixing innovation and technology with mental health care. I’m committed to helping you meet your goals in a creative, personalized way. Empowerment and non-judgment are at the core of my practice. I founded Eunoia Mental Health because I believe that therapy doesn’t have to be intimidating or overly formal to be effective.

Segilola “Segi” Ayeni, LMSW-C
Therapist (She/Hers)

In my practice, I work primarily with adults and support my clients as they navigate and better understand anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self-esteem, racial and cultural identity. It is my hope to help clients work through behavioral, emotional, or social problems that may interfere with their functioning and success at home, work, and school. I am eager to partner with clients to address issues they may face that stem from trauma, depression, anxiety, and other life circumstances, so they don’t become lifelong concerns and intergenerational burdens.

Eunoia (You-No-Ya) stems from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking”


Approachable mental health care through flexible scheduling, accessible services, and lifelong skill-building. 


Creative, barrier-free, mental health care. 

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