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Eunoia (You-No-Ya) stems from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking”

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We help people who feel stuck reach their full potential. We are experts in virtual therapy and are dedicated to making therapy an accessible, simple process. Our therapists have years of experience in helping people overcome challenges and live more functional, productive lives. Your therapist will be a listener, problem-solver, and advocate. You deserve to have a more comfortable, satisfying life. Eunoia Mental Health will help you find skills and tools that align with your strengths and address barriers as they come.

On the Blog

Getting a Referral Letter for Gender Confirmation Surgery in Michigan

Congratulations on taking the next step towards your gender confirmation surgery! At Eunoia Mental Health, we acknowledge that getting a referral letter for gender confirmation surgery is an unnecessary barrier and we stand with trans leaders who recommend that a letter not be required for procedures. However, we are here to make the process as…

Diet Culture During the Holiday Season

Diet Culture During the Holiday Season The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones, get a small break from work, and reflect on the remainder of the year. However, for many it can be a stressful time- especially for those who struggle with body image or disordered eating.  What is Diet Culture? According…