How Does Virtual Therapy Work?

This year has been…a doozy. One of the many ways the healthcare industry has adapted is to  increase access to online services. While most of us have experienced some kind of remote healthcare visit by now, we still may have some questions. 

What is telehealth?

While there are many definitions out there, the term telehealth is generally used to describe any kind of healthcare delivered online. These days, telehealth can describe anything from a phone call with your doctor, to a video visit with your therapist, to a nutrition coaching app. 

What about therapy?

Much like a doctor’s visit or connecting with friends, it is possible to meet with your therapist safely over video or phone. In fact, therapists have been using telehealth to meet with patients for years. Video platforms used by therapists are HIPPA certified and ensure that your sessions are confidential by adding an extra layer of security. 

While there are benefits to meeting in person, virtual therapy can be just as effective. Here are some tips to make your video or phone visit successful:

Troubleshoot before there’s trouble: Test your video connection by playing a Youtube video or running a test call before your visit starts. This will give you time to troubleshoot any connection or audio issues. 

Hear and be heard: Using headphones will help your conversation stay private and improve how well you can hear your therapist. Headphones with a built-in mic will make your audio clearer for your therapist. 

Let the light shine on you: Find a place in your house that is well lit so your therapist can see your beautiful face! This helps pick up on some of those non-verbal cues we all love to see in person. If your space isn’t well lit, find a lamp to place behind your camera or find a sunny window!

Perfect your space: Unless you live alone, you may be wondering how to keep sessions private. Tell others you need privacy ahead of your session and shut your door if possible. If you need to, run a fan or sound machine to make sure your conversation stays between you and your therapist. Finding a cozy space for your call will help with any anxiety you feel about your session. 

It’s up to you: If you don’t feel comfortable with your therapist seeing your space or have concerns about your privacy, let your therapist know upfront. Adjustments can be made like turning your camera off or using chat for sensitive conversations. 

Finding Virtual Therapy in Michigan

Eunoia Mental Health was founded in 2020 by Brooke Houser and offers video and phone therapy in Michigan. Eunoia is completely virtual and accessible to anyone in Michigan. Eunoia’s mission is to provide approachable mental health care through flexible scheduling, accessible services, and lifelong skill-building. If you are interested in learning more or setting up a free phone consultation, click here

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