Pride Never Ends!

Enjoying Pride month? Here are some ways to show pride all year long .

Know Your History


Pride has origins in protest and activism. The first Pride celebration was in response to police violence against queer people. Since then, many Pride events have faced threatened or actual violence.

For more, search: Stonewall Riots, Cooper Do-nuts, Compton’s Cafeteria


Since the very beginning, Pride events have been organized and led by people of color, particularly Black Americans. BIPOC continue to be at the forefront of Queer advocacy.

For more, search: Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Alice Nkom


Members in the queer community have been systematically oppressed. Only in recent history has there been legislation passed granting queer people the same rights as cis/straight Americans.

For more, search: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, AIDS Epidemic, DOMA

Live With Pride


Seek out local or online communities where you can fully express yourself and lean on others for support. Join an LGBTQIA+ group on your campus, volunteer at a local advocacy group, or find your new favorite gay bar.

For more, search: CeterLink, City Queer Exchange Facebook groups, LGBTQ groups near me


Fill your feed with representation. Follow accounts that highlight the beauty of the queer experience. Have a queer movie night or listen to music that makes you feel seen.

For more, search: #QueerCreators, #QueerJoy, #ItGetsBetter


Express yourself as much as you safely can. Buy clothes that bring gender euphoria. Tell those you trust your pronouns. Try out that new makeup look. If needed, get support to feel comfortable in your identity.

For more, search: Coming Out, Gender Euphoria, Pronouns

Fight for the Future


Be a source of knowledge for others exploring their identity. If you’re comfortable, share your experience with new members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Educate yourself on queer issues you’re not familiar with.

For more, search: PFLAG, Queer Subreddits,


If you’re willing and able, give to projects working towards LGBTQIA+ liberation. Support members of the community who need monetary donations. Contribute to. queer-focused bail funds.

For more, search: Free2Luv, TrevorProject, LGBTQ Freedom Fund


Right now, there are current and proposed policies that restrict LGBTQIA+ rights. Stand up and speak out against bills banning trans youth in sports, bans on gay adoption, and the continuation of conversion therapy.

For more, search: ACLU, HRC, GLAAD


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