Feeling Overwhelmed? Use this Grounding Technique to Reconnect.

woman standing in forrest looking up

Do you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed? Your hands start to sweat, your heart beats faster, and soon enough you find yourself in a fog of anxiety. These reactions are actually our brain’s way of protecting us from a perceived threat. While this is a helpful evolutionary response, it’s not always necessary and can sometimes leave us feeling out of control. 

Grounding techniques can be used to bring you back to reality when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Reconnecting to the world around you can help you respond to the situation in a thoughtful, calm way. Here is a simple technique to ground yourself when feeling overwhelmed. Follow the prompt below and repeat as needed.

Find 5 things you can see. Notice 4 things you can feel. Listen to 3 things you can hear. Sount 2 things you can smell. Note 1 thing you can taste.

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