Self Care Inspiration – Add Enjoyable Activities to Your Routine

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Stress is incredibly prevalent in our society and can have detrimental effects on our health. While we’re out building a career, finishing school, or raising a family, we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves! While the occasional spa day is helpful, building enjoyable activities into your routine will fight stress in the long term.   

What Can I Do?

An enjoyable activity is- well, anything you enjoy! Bonus points if your activity brings you calm, adds a skill, or helps you exercise. Take a moment to reflect on your week- did you take time for yourself? Do you feel like you gained anything from the activities you spent the most time on? What do you wish you had been able to do? If you feel that you’ve come up short, you may benefit from adding some enjoyable activities to your routine. Here is a list to inspire you:

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Making it Stick

It sounds easy to add enjoyable activities into your routine until the week starts and the to-do list piles up! To make sure you fit activities in and build the habit of self-care, follow these tips:

  1. Set your Intention

    Take a few minutes to write down why adding enjoyable activities to your week will help you de-stress and feel better. Then, write down three reasons why you deserve to take time for yourself. Keep this somewhere you can re-visit if your self-care routine starts to slip.

  1. Schedule

    If your calendar rules your day, take control by penciling in your me-time. Additional ways to make sure you never miss self-care include setting an alarm on your phone, sticking notes around to remind you, or pairing your enjoyable activity with a solidified part of your routine. 

  1. Check-in

It may take time to find the right routine or the schedule that works for you. Remember to check in with yourself and change it up as needed! Take time to notice how it feels to care for yourself.

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